Our President is a man of integrity and he is certainly one who keeps his promises.
313,000 Jobs created in February. The best in a very long time.
810,000,000 people entered the job force since 1983.
More people are getting into the job market.
The American economy is stronger than ever before.
Wage growth is up 2.6 from 2.9%. A net gain of 54. The lowest unemployment in 60 years.
The Trump economy is moving in the right way. This is optimism.
It is also showing us that Tax Cuts are great for our economy.

President Trump is showing us all, it is all about America First. Make America Great Again.

*Home Depot just announced that they will be adding 50 million to train 20,000 skilled laborers, military veterans, soldiers, high school students, disabled and will be educating their future buyers right here in America.

White employment up slightly.
Black employment down 6.8%.
Asian employment up.
Hispanic employment down 6.6%.

Retail Jobs:
Retail up 50,000 jobs created e.g., Amazon.
Brick and Mortar came back stronger with new productivity and some have doubled.

Professional Services up 21%.
Health care up 19,000.
26,000 jobs added on the temporary workers side, a very good indicator for the jobs to come.
187,000 jobs created in the service industry.
Jobless remains at a low of 4.1%.

As you watch the strong economy, this speaks to the market, a very strong demand for talent. This shows us what is happening in the job market.
Companies are finding the talent and the number will continue to get stronger and stronger.
Our President is delivering the best we have seen in a long time.

We are expecting the fed to raise the rates in March.
This is a good number when wages cool down it tells the fed they can run the economy a little hotter.

Jobs that require higher salary:
The jobs that are requiring higher salaries are in logistics and transportation.
In the professional services, they are: IT, Engineering, Finance/Accounting, Healthcare.
We have 500 Million Job openings for skilled talent.

There are a 100,000 Jobs unfilled in the state jobs list, people are not stepping up to take these jobs.
They are comfortable where they are and not showing the confidence to step up.
People coming back in the job market has to do with their confidence.

Participation rate went up. People are not retiring, they are looking at getting back into the job market.
Many of the retirees are experienced and they are good workers.
People who wanted to be safe and do the right thing did receive some tax cut.

Confidence dictates behavior: They more confident you are the more opportunities are there are.

We want our American job seekers to be confident and get the job, for more information on confidence building hire a career coach.

For help with your new job opportunity and finding talent please contact us.

Good News:
Give the credit where it is due.
Thank the Lord for anointing the best President. Hallelujah.
The economy has improved.

People who are negative can stay away.
1. Stay away and be quiet.
2. Thank the Lord for Making America Grow Again.
3. Rejoice and look for the Morning Star.