Meet Republican Conservative George Green

2022 Republican Candidate

for Texas House District 73

George Green is a native-born Texan.

Growing up in the Hill Country, George learned early on the value of hard work, service, and faith in God. In the military, as a City Council member, small-businessman and forty years as teacher, George has dedicated his life to serving the community that raised him.

At only 6 years old, George started his first job at the horse tracks picking up apples for $5 a week. After high school, he served our country jumping out of airplanes, he performed almost 1,000 successful jumps as a member of the Army Airborne Infantry.

After being honorably discharged, George served our community as a teacher.

George continued his excellent record of service as a New Braunfels City Councilman, where he helped keep our community the best place to live, work and raise a family for over 5 years.

The Leadership Texas Needs Right Now

George Green’s Accomplishments in New Braunfels City Council:

Wald Rd. (Landa St.- City Limit (50%) $186,035
Becker St. (Loma Vista-Schmidt) $44,957
Reuckle Rd $2,768,000
Solms/MS $12,596,000
Live Oak/Katy $6,835,000
Morningside Park $1,000,000
Community Rec Center $23,000,000
Live Oak (Bridge-W. San Antonio) $392,325
San Antonio St. (Peach-Bergfeld) $400,218
San Antonio St. (N Walnut Ave-Hackberry) $391,986
San Antonio (Hackberry Ave-Spur St/Live Oak) $77,448
San Antonio St. (Live oak Ave.Peach) $216,888
W Mill At. (Mesquite-N Live Oak) $47,753
Loma Vista (Morningside Dr.- Becker) $13,252
Katy St. (N Live Oak Grape) $320,580
Old Engel Rd (IH 35 Engel) $6,000
Santa Clara Ave. (W Mill St. Terminus) $35,870
Katy St. (Grape-Krueger Ave.) $356,080
Eikel Park $86,485
Jesse Garcia $78,535
Westside Pedestrian $1,000.000
Landa Street Enhancements $1,200,000
District One Total: $51,053,412

George Green’s Priorities

• Constituent Driven
• Stand With Police
• Stop All Voter Fraud
• Better Infrastructure & Power Grid
• Grow Our Economy, Defend Small Business
• Protect Our Water Rights
• Stop Radical Classroom Indoctrination
• Cut Wasteful Spending
• Stop Government Overreach

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